HSA Contribution Limits

Following are the maximum HSA contribution limits. These limits are for your own contributions: If you're lucky enough to receive matching funds from your employer, the annual contributions to your health savings account could be even higher. 

HSA Contribution Limits


Self-Only Coverage


Family Coverage



Self-Only Coverage


Family Coverage


HSA Catch-Up Contribution Limits

If you turn 55 or older this year, you're eligible for the HSA catch-up contribution, and you can add an extra $1,000 to the maximum amounts above.

If you're married and both you and your spouse contribute to an HSA, each of you are eligible for the catch-up contribution. Even though your combined contributions can't exceed the family HSA contribution limits, each spouse is eligible for the catch-up. Other than potentially missing your employer's match (if any), that's a good reason for working spouses age 55 and older to maintain two health savings accounts rather than just one.

Maximize Your Earnings

Ever think about using your HSA and subsequent HSA contributions as a savings vehicle for retirement? You'll get a quadruple tax deduction and more advantages than any other tax advantaged account.

You’ll earn a higher rate of return in your HSA than any other account (everything else being equal). Take advantage of every tax break your Uncle Sam affords. That's why my own HSA is the first place I invest each and every year.

Unlike similar employer-run Flexible Spending Accounts, all unused amounts in your HSA roll forward for use in future years.

Plus, you can invest those HSA contributions. Remember, you not only get a tax deduction on your contributions, but all of your investment earnings (interest, dividends, and capital gains) accrue tax free, assuming they're tapped to reimburse your past, present, or future medical expenses.

Unreimbursed medical receipts act as tickets to future tax free withdrawals from your HSA. Intrigued? You should be! That's why it's the very first place I invest each and every year.

It's Like a 401k or IRA on Steroids!

I've been recommending this Maximize Your Earnings strategy for years. It'll motivate you to contribute up to the maximum HSA contribution limits every year.

This strategy isn't for everyone. Before making a decision, learn more about Health Savings Accounts and my Maximize Your Earnings strategy before deciding if it's right for you.

If it is, make your Health Savings Account your top performing investing vehicle a.s.a.p., and build your wealth faster than you ever thought possible!