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Hi. My name is Keith Dorney, and I write the content for financialauthor.com. The goal of this website is simple: Educate and motivate you on financial planning topics in easy-to-understand language.


I know a lot about financial planning. I'm a Certified Financial Planner®. For the last decade I’ve authored content and taught financial planning to employees at the highest corporate, government, and university levels.

A Teacher at Heart

I’m happiest when I’m teaching others, so I'm glad you're here. I have a Master's degree in teaching. I’ve taught thousands these same financial planning  strategies the professionals use, and I can teach you too!

No Conflict of Interest

I no longer have clients, nor will I accept any new ones. You can’t hire Keith Dorney as your financial advisor. If you could, what I say here and in my books might be tainted because of the prospect of a fee or commission down the road.

Removing this conflict of interest frees me to shoot straight from the hip and share with you the most affordable and effective financial planning strategies.

Keith Dorney Books

I've always loved to write. I started writing in high school, chronicling about what I cared about most at the time—football. I recently looked back at those garbled notes I've kept over the years, and I could hardly believe it. The prose was difficult to read at times, so raw and brutally honest.

I continued to write about football through college and the pros, and shortly after retiring from professional football compiled those memories into Black and Honolulu Blue, my memoir about those football playing days, including high school, college and in the trenches of the NFL.

I still write, but I'm much more interested in enlightening and educating folks on financial planning matters these days:

Maximize Your Earnings with a Health Savings Account

Best Roth! A Beginners Guide to Roth IRAs, Employer Roth Options, Conversions and Withdrawals

The Bus ListEssential Estate Planning: Including Wills, Trusts, Durable Powers, Beneficiary Deeds, TODs and PODs, Estate Planning, Plus Organizing and Securing Your Records

After moving on from the NFL and the Detroit Lions, my wife Katherine and I settled in Sonoma County, California, where we raised our two kids and still reside. Besides teaching and writing, I enjoy hanging out in the garden and spending time with family and friends.

I was born and raised in Macungie, Pennsylvania USA and attended Emmaus High School, Penn State University, and the University of San Francisco.

Keith Dorney playing tackle for the Detroit Lions circa 1986
My Pops (Robert Dorney) insisted on attending my graduation from the University of San Francisco.
A young Alea Reimann and dog Captain helping Dad tend the garlic patch on our beautiful Sonoma County, California USA property.