Need Financial Help?

Are you seeking financial help? It's hard to maneuver through all of the financial mumbo jumbo and legal jargon and cut to the chase.

Being a teacher at heart, I'm glad you're here. I take pride in explaining these sometimes complex financial planning-related topics in easy-to-understand language.

Best Way to Invest

Did you know that tax advantaged accounts like your Employer's 401(k) type plan, IRAs, and Health Savings Accounts are the low hanging fruit of the investment world? You've got to max them out before even thinking about investing elsewhere.

Investing in a Heath Savings Account gives you a quadruple tax deduction

Why? Everything else being equal, you'll get a higher after-tax rate of return in these accounts than any other. Often conflicted professionals don't recommend taking full advantage of these accounts, or only recommend those off of which they can profit.

I know ways of contributing to these accounts that may not have occurred to you. Take advantage of every break your Uncle Sam affords. Just make sure to follow the rules, which are numerous and constantly changing.

You Need a Plan

Once you pick the right accounts, the next step is to come up with an investment plan. If you're able to create, implement, and follow your own plan, you'll be one step ahead of pack. Doing so is not rocket science, despite what you might have been told by conflicted financial professionals.

One of the basic tenets of successful investing is keeping your investment costs low

It's better to keep your costs super-low and invest those commissions and fees. I'll teach you how to implement a plan that maximizes your returns and minimizes risk, plus steer you towards those low cost investments.

Low fees help amplify your returns. Even if you're a "dummy" when it comes to investing, it's easy to keep your total investment fees lower than one quarter of one percent per year.

That's the kind of financial help most professionals don't want you to know about.

What if You Get Hit By a Bus?

If you wait until it's urgent to do your estate planning, you've waited too long

As you gain more wealth, you’ll want to protect those assets as well as your loved ones. Estate planning is another topic with lots of information, confusion, and conflict.

Financial Help

Utilizing taxed advantaged accounts is smart. So is protecting your loved ones, but don't forget about eating right, exercising, and maintaining a healthy body weight.

Strive to do well in all areas of your life, including saving and investing. That means setting personal, career, as well as financial goals. Don't forget to enjoy each moment and be happy. Everything is connected.